Two-Factor Authentication

And Kim Dotcom.

TOTP-based Two-Factor Authentication makes it difficult for unauthorized access to your account, becuase that besides your password, it will required to obtain the code generated in your app in real time and log in immediately (the code changes every short time) or to locate your secret.

In this verification process, a one-time code is created using an algorithm that uses your secret code and the current time, so that each code is set to change over time.

Two-Factor Authentication is part of the information security system required in every business. Most of the services provided by Condless enable Two-Factor Authentication.

To config TOTP as a second factor to WordPress:

  • Install and activate the plugin (built-in in Condless hosting)
  • Scan the QR code through your OTP app
  • Click Update profile

To config TOTP as a second factor to the VPS Control Panel:

  • Press the TFA button in the user list
  • Randomize the secret key (optional)
  • Set the Issuer Name (optional)
  • Scan the QR code using your OTP app
  • Enter your password
  • Enter the TOTP Value that your app generated
  • Press Apply

To config TOTP as a second factor to the VPS.

To config TOTP as a second factor to the webmail.

To config TOTP as a second factor to the phpMyAdmin.

As you probably have noticed- Kim Dotcom threatened to sue all the major web services offering this kind of authentication, bases on its patent from 2000. Currently the European Patent Office revoked his patent in light of an earlier 1998 US patent held by AT&T.

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