Hide Address Fields for WooCommerce

How to never hide the address fields for purchase above some amount?Update the amount: How to make the postcode field optional for some country?You may use the haf_optional_postcode_countries filter. Keep in mind that the built-in WooCommerce postcode validation will not be applied when using the plugin and tax classes should not be restricted by postcodes.… Continue reading Hide Address Fields for WooCommerce

Cities Shipping Zones for WooCommerce

Which uses shop owners make with the customer city? Set shipping rates per cities Sales stats by city (Dashbaord => WooCommerce => Reports => Sales by city) Display cities shipping calculator with the shortcode [csz_cities] Sell certain products per city (with plugin that limits by state) Ship certain products per city (associating the products to… Continue reading Cities Shipping Zones for WooCommerce

Default Attributes for WooCommerce

How to exclude some attribute from the stock-based default attributes calculation?Update the attribute id: How to apply the first attribute option only on products with less than certain amount of attributes?Update the amount of attributes: How to exclude product from all the default attributes calculations?Update the product id: