And Back to the Future.

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for creating E-commerce websites. From many clearing options, order management, shipping types to inventory settings, the plugin covers all the requirements that may arise in creating E-commerce websites.

As you probably have noticed- Jigowatt ltd, the developers of Jigoshop on which WooCommerce code is based, was named after the pronunciation mistake of the word Gigawatt in the movie Back to the Future.

To assign Free Shipping to a single product: Create a Shipping Class “Free Shipping”, assign the new Shipping Class to your Product and set up a 0 Flat Rate based on Shipping Class.

Set up automatic pay invoices creation in PayPal: create a business account and enter the information from the invoice generation provider at the IPN settings.

Exporting and Importing Products: Create a product in WooCommerce, export the products to a CSV file, edit the file, if the language is Hebrew, you must encode as UTF-8 (possible by importing and exporting from Google Sheets), import to WooCommerce.

Auto change the order status from “On hold” to “Processing”, for example, to allow a customer who pay in bank transfer (which take some time) to view the digital product download link on the “Order Received” page (must refresh the page).

Reordering checkout fields.

Manipulate the price of specific product, multiple products or all product types.

Hiding some variations of products.


Products personalization.

Recover abandoned carts.

Free shipping settings.

Apply coupons automatically.

Israel Post shipment tracking.

Payment methods for apps which don’t have API, such as Bit, PepperPay and PayBox.

Fees and discounts by payment method.

Set payment method by product.

Advanced pricing.


Bulk discount for variable products.

Booking and appointments.

Multi Vendor.

Selling Courses: If the video files are not on the site create a post for each course with the embedded video, create a virtual product for each video course with a link to the video file (if the video files on the site) / post (if the video is embedded), define in each video file (if the files The video on the site) / post (if the video is embedded) that only those who purchased the compatible product on the WooCommerce may view it.



And The Jazz Singer.

WordPress is an open source content management system. This system is the most popular CMS due to the great flexibility it provides and the option to manage a site even without extensive programming knowledge.

In order to improve system security at the WordPress level: Update frequently, install few plugins as possible, remove unused templates, and install SSL certificate.

Set up Two-Factor Authentication.

In order to improve system security at the server level: Update frequently, disable the XML-RPC function, verify that there is a firewall, config the Intrusion Prevention System, and disable the directory browsing option.

As you probably have noticed- Pastorius, Carter, Vald├ęs, and all other WordPress Version names, are names of popular jazz artists, inspired by WordPress core developers, who share a love of jazz music.


Tags for social media sharing.

Contact forms.

Multi language.


Social networks.

Ads board.

Databases cleaner.

Display current Hebrew date, with a table with Hebrew events and its Hebrew day and month and a filter to show current events, and automated reminder emails by the Gregorian date.


Two-Factor Authentication

And Kim Dotcom.

TOTP-based Two-Factor Authentication makes it difficult for unauthorized access to your account, becuase that besides your password, it will required to obtain the code generated in your app in real time and log in immediately (the code changes every short time) or to locate your secret.

In this verification process, a one-time code is created using an algorithm that uses your secret code and the current time, so that each code is set to change over time.

Two-Factor Authentication is part of the information security system required in every business. Most of the services provided by Condless enable Two-Factor Authentication.

In order to config TOTP as a second factor to WordPress:

  • Install and activate the plugin (built-in in Condless)
  • Scan the QR code through your OTP app
  • Click Update profile

In order to config TOTP as a second factor to the VPS Control Panel:

  • Press the TFA button in the user list
  • Randomize the secret key (optional)
  • Set the Issuer Name (optional)
  • Scan the QR code using your OTP app
  • Enter your password
  • Enter the TOTP Value that your app generated
  • Press Apply

As you probably have noticed- Kim Dotcom threatened to sue all the major web services offering this kind of authentication, bases on its patent from 2000. Currently the European Patent Office revoked his patent in light of an earlier 1998 US patent held by AT&T.



And Toy Story.

Debian “buster” 10 released, and Condless of course lets you experiment the new release with a ready-to-use VPS, so what are you waiting for?

Debian is very popular Linux distribution for servers and is considered to be the most stable. Its social contract highlights values of transparency, community contribution, and adherence to the principles of Free software.

As you probably have noticed- Buster, Strech, Jessie, and all other Debian distribution code names, are names of characters from the Toy Story movie, inspired by Bruce Ferns who worked at Pixar besides his tenure as the Debian Project leader.