For the Practical.

Upgrade your business with ERP Enterprise Resource Planning System, complete business management software. For efficient and orderly conduct, industrial, suitable from small to large, and customizable.

Enjoy the advanced features of the system from anywhere, human resources modules, customer relationship management, finance, marketing, logistics, operations and more. Condless provides a broad and rich business functionality integrated into a ready global platform, manage any number of organizations, warehouses, languages, currencies and accounting rules.

Use role-based management dashboards with top-down management capability to effectively monitor and analyze your operations. Pre-built charts and graphs are easily provided and expanded to meet the specific needs of your business.

In addition, the system is built for Scaling– large volume of transactions, hundreds of users and business complexity required by demanding businesses of all sizes. The revolutionary design of the system allows to customize and extend applications “without programming” – first in the ERP industry.

Applications are defined as objects in an active data dictionary. Changes are easily made using a modern “drag and drop” dictionary editor, your IT team will easily adopt the necessary scalable techniques.

The innovative design reduces the cost and effort involved in upgrading business applications. Automatic upgrade technology allows seamless migration to new software versions while retaining all dictionary-based customizations, saving significant time and cost compared to traditional systems.