WooCommerce Server Security

Update frequently Replace passwords frequently while verifying at least 8 characters long (lower and upper case alphabets, numbers and symbols) and set up Two-Factor Authentication Verify that there is a firewall and DDOS protection Config the Intrusion Prevention System (enable mod_remoteip if used with reverse proxy) Set up hiding of the web server details Scan… Continue reading WooCommerce Server Security

Two-Factor Authentication

TOTP-based Two-Factor Authentication makes it difficult for unauthorized access to your account, becuase that besides your password, it will required to obtain the code generated in your app in real time and log in immediately (the code changes every short time) or to locate your secret. In this verification process, a one-time code is created… Continue reading Two-Factor Authentication


ISPConfig is an open source hosting control panel for Linux, it allows multiple server management from one control panel includes web server management, mail server management, and DNS server management. Comply with strict privacy policy websites- disable the web statistics program. Create users- it is required to set permanent customer no., create resources for him with… Continue reading ISPConfig


Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) is an open source server virtualization environment based on Debian. It allows VMs and LXCs, software-defined storage and networking, and high-availability clustering. Backup the configuration of the server itslef use the command: Disable the option of removal/restoration of LXC, enable the Protection option. Allow users to make backups grant them the permission… Continue reading Proxmox