Terms of Service

Which are Win-Win.

The following Terms of Service constitute an agreement between you, the client and Condless. Clients will be held responsible for all actions performed by their account whether done by the account holder (the client) or others. If your account is compromised, it is the clients responsibility. Condless highly recommend that You, the client keep all logging information private to prevent security risk.

Condless agrees to provide services, which are paid in advance by the client, to the client so long as the client remains compliant with the Terms of Service.

Terms of Agreement
Condless reserves the right to change the TOS at any time, but also agrees to immediately notify all clients of all changes to these documents via email, to the valid address provided by the client. It is the client’s responsibility to keep their email address in addition to other contact details correctly updated. At the moment of change, if the client wishes to end services, they may do so with no additional charge, irrelevant of the next pay date.

Terms of Termination
Clients services will be suspended after 2 days of overdue payment. They will remain suspended with the IP address nulled. The IP will be re-activated upon payment of invoice or where at 7 days of overdue payment the service will be terminated, and all data lost. Clients who have their service suspended or terminated due to a continual breach of the terms of service, are not be eligible for a refund, all decisions are made at Condless discretion and are final.

Abusive Clientele
Condless may terminate, or suspend a client service(s) if they act in an abusive manner toward Condless Servers, examples of such activity include, but is not limited to:
Persistent Disregard to complaints, or content removal notices
Consistent errors or administrative changes causing unnecessary workload, Frequent Payment bounceback’s, or overdue payments, Sending false traffic, or large amounts of fake traffic, Performing network floods, or Denial of Service Attacks, Derogitory, False or Exaggerated forum and blog posts, Issuing Payment Chargebacks.

Condless will not be held responsible for any loss of data, it is up to the client to ensure their data is safely backed up, secured and protected. Clients are provided with backup facilities in all the production systems. Any backups held by Condless should be treated as a best effort service unless an explicit SLA is agreed before ordering. Hosting account backups held by Condless are a redundant failover for Condless own systems, not a backup system for your own data.

Prohibited Content List
The following are prohibited from use on Condless servers and may not be uploaded or run. Reasons for banning them include adverse effects on server load, invitations to hackers/spammers/criminal activity, etc.
Nulled Scripts
Illegal Torrents
Public Proxy servers/VPN
Phishing Pages
Slowloris Scripts
Source or Target of DoS attacks
CPU Wasting Scripts Such as Bitcoin mining and/or Runescape bots
IRC services
Illegal Distribution of Copyright Materials via any P2P
Hosting and/or Distribution of any kind of Child Pornography.

All refunds are at the discretion of Condless, all decisions are final. As a supplier of digital based goods once your services have been digitally delivered Condless have completed the sale in the eyes of Condless payment processor. All refunds should be processed by Condless and not via Condless payment processors, in doing so you would be breaching terms listed below.

To request cancellation of a service, the client must submit a support ticket to Condless or via the Websites control panel at least 3 days prior to the next invoice due-date. All downgrade requests must also be made 3 days prior to the next invoice due-date. All client data will be deleted upon service the cancellation date.

Disclaimer of Liability
All services provided by Condless are provided “as is” with no guarantee or warranty unless an SLA agreement is agreed upon and setup before service ordering. For more information contact us.

SBL Listing
Any activity that causes an SBL Listing against an IP or range of IP’s will result in service suspension.

DCMA Complaints
Condless handles DCMA complains very seriously, and will comply with all official takedown notices from the respective copyright owners. To report a breach of copyright, please send an email to submit a ticket. Any client found to be using copyrighted material will have 48 hours to remove such content, if it is not removed, Condless will disable access to the copyrighted content.

Provision of Service
Condless will attempt to provide service to all who request it. However, Condless reserve the right to reject any orders from any individuals or companies as Condless deem necessary.

Contract Breach
By accepting the terms of service you agree that if you violate Condless terms of service in any way your contract with Condless can be ended with immediate effect at Condless discretion. Once the client <> provider relationship is terminated Condless have no further obligation to provide you with service.

Anonymous/Alias Accounts
Condless requires valid contact details and account information for all customers, and do not allow anonymous/invalid details to be used on accounts or services.

Payment Methods
Condless accepts wire transfers, credit cards and paypal, the account details and the digitally signed receipts will be delivered to the client Email as per of his agreement.