What and Why.

Condless invites you to take your business higher, your business will be connected to Condless’s computing system, which is deployed on advanced tier III+ data centers in Western Europe with independent infrastructure, 24/7 computing infrastructure monitoring, CCTV, UPS, and fire extinguishers.

Condless will customize the systems for your business, enabling you to be flexible in choosing suppliers, thanks to exclusive use of open source software. The information security of your business information is at the forefront of Condless’s vision so anti-DDOS, firewall and intrusion prevention system are widely used.

Condless will characterize the needs of your business and its core business, and will optimize the computing infrastructure. Your business will receive system-wide support and the latest technology, and you will be relaxed since the computing infrastructure is in good hands, including monitoring, local and remote backups.

So let Condless lead your business. And, of course, Condless will continue to provide excellent computing infrastructure so that your business stay above all.

It’s the Same Magic. Only it’s with Class.