Cities Shipping Zones for WooCommerce

Which uses shop owners make with the customer city? Set shipping rates per cities Sales stats by city (Dashbaord => WooCommerce => Reports => Sales by city) Display cities shipping calculator with the shortcode [csz_cities] Sell certain products per city (with plugin that limits by state) Ship certain products per city (associating the products to… Continue reading Cities Shipping Zones for WooCommerce

User Posts Limit

How to make rules that applied on certain post type to limit the total posts in the website?Update the post type: How to make rules that applied on certain post type to limit by posts in specific categories only?Update the post type and the categories id (make sure users can’t migrate posts from/into unrestricted posts… Continue reading User Posts Limit

Unit Price for WooCommerce

Which pricing options the plugin offers? Selling products by weight (kilogram/gram)- suitable for fruits and vegetables. Selling products by units but pricing it by weight (kg/gram)- suitable for chicken and fish, supports authorize payment. Selling products both by units and by weight (by creating variable product), and the option for pricing by weight the variation… Continue reading Unit Price for WooCommerce

Default Attributes for WooCommerce

How to exclude some attribute from the stock-based default attributes calculation?Update the attribute id: How to set the plugin’s cache expiration time?Update the number of seconds (1 means 1 second- suitable for testing, 3600 means hour- suitable for production): How to apply the defaults on all the pages and not just the single product page?… Continue reading Default Attributes for WooCommerce

Hide Address Fields for WooCommerce

What is the main use that store owners make of the plugin?Hiding the address fields when the customer choose local pickup and payment by cash. How to never hide the address fields for purchase above some amount?Update the amount: How to make the postcode field optional for some country?You can use the haf_optional_postcode_countries filter. Keep… Continue reading Hide Address Fields for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Porterage Fee

How to force shipping for specific category, add porterage option, and display the lead time?Update the categories and the lead times: What if the fields were created using a plugin and multiple packages feature is used?

WooCommerce Bulk Purchasing

How to apply discount on bulk purchasing and allow price filtering by the discounted price?Update the discount percent that each quantity grant (for variable products it will be displayed only after adding to cart, those pages should be excluded in the cache plugin):

WooCommerce Minimum Order Amount

How to set minimum order amount per distance to customer street?The WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin is required, updates the distances and the minimum amounts (if local pickup is available replace the ‘woocommerce_no_shipping_available_html’ filter with ‘woocommerce_checkout_process’):