WooCommerce Porterage Fee

How to force shipping for specific category, add porterage option, and display the lead time? What if the fields were created using a plugin and multiple packages feature is used? How to identify to which package in the order an item is belong to?

WooCommerce Minimum Order Amount

How to set minimum order amount per distance to customer street?The WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin is required, updates the distances and the minimum amounts (if local pickup is available replace the ‘woocommerce_no_shipping_available_html’ filter with ‘woocommerce_checkout_process’):

WooCommerce Security

Improve system security at the WordPress level: Secure the server Grant folder 755 and files 644 permission Update frequently Install few plugins as possible Report any suspicious activity in your account to your hosting provider Use the build-in tool “Site Health” Remove unused themes Install SSL certificate Make use of an Editor user and use… Continue reading WooCommerce Security

WooCommerce Server Security

Update frequently Replace passwords frequently while verifying at least 8 characters long (lower and upper case alphabets, numbers and symbols) and set up Two-Factor Authentication Verify that there is a firewall and DDOS protection Config the Intrusion Prevention System (enable mod_remoteip if used with reverse proxy) Set up hiding of the web server details Scan… Continue reading WooCommerce Server Security

Advanced Options for WooCommerce

How to display the amount of products items in on-hold orders instead of in proccessing orders? Popups Install the plugin. In WooCommerce notify the customer product page about discount ineligibility since purchase not enough items from it- add the Auto Open trigger, targeting the desired product id page, and the custom conditions (update the product id… Continue reading Advanced Options for WooCommerce